Mural Walk

Take a stroll through downtown Platteville and you will notice several murals prominently painted on the sides of buildings. Each of the murals was painted by Tud Bowden and represents a significant event or era in Platteville’s long history.

Faces Mural

This three-dimensional display is local artist Tud Bowden’s creation and is entitled “Pioneering the Good Life: Rountree to Ryan.” This unique artistic piece features nine prominent people from Platteville’s past and was dedicated in 2008. The display is interactive and features clues that the observer must match to the proper person, with the answers revealed by looking from the side.

Mining History Mural

Created by local artist Tud Bowden, this mural depicts President-elect Ulysses Grant with local miners and honors the long tradition of mining that extends all the way back to the discovery of lead in the valley of the Rountree Branch in the 1820’s.

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