Mural Walk

Take a stroll through downtown Platteville and you will notice several murals prominently painted on the sides of buildings. Each of the murals was painted by Tud Bowden and represents a significant event or era in Platteville’s long history.

Faces Mural

This three-dimensional display is local artist Tud Bowden’s creation and is entitled “Pioneering the Good Life: Rountree to Ryan.” This unique artistic piece features nine prominent people from Platteville’s past and was dedicated in 2008. The display is interactive and features clues that the observer must match to the proper person, with the answers revealed by looking from the side.

Mining History Mural

Created by local artist Tud Bowden, this mural depicts President-elect Ulysses Grant with local miners and honors the long tradition of mining that extends all the way back to the discovery of lead in the valley of the Rountree Branch in the 1820’s.

Lead Mining Mural

The source of inspiration for the expansive 50' x 12' mural is an 1868 lithograph sourced from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Journal, which is displayed below. The lithograph depicts an intriguing scene titled "President-elect Grant taking a lesson in mineralogy at the lead mines near Galena, Illinois." Notably, the mural captures the essence of this historical event, suggesting its probable occurrence in proximity to Platteville, Wisconsin. The left horizon of the artwork prominently showcases the Platteville Mound, providing a visual clue to its geographical connection. Interestingly, it is worth noting that during that time, the iconic Platteville Mound was represented by a lowercase "m" instead of its current prominent "Big M" status, which was only established in 1937—an intriguing but little-known fact, if one chooses to believe it.

Stain #36

Created by Katie Schutte and funded by Jordan Holthaus State Farm.  Stain #36 is one of many in Katie's Stains series.  She created this work of art by crocheting a doily 5 ft in diameter and then spraying acrylic paint through the crochet doily.  This mural can be found on the back of Rountree Gallery.  

Space & Time

Created by Corey Jenny and funded by Tang Charitable Trust. This mural can be found on the West side of Rountree Gallery.

Historic Platteville Photos

This mural, located 15 & 25 E Main St, features a strip of historic photos.  Including photos of historic buildings, The Jamison Family, The Mining School and Normal School photos, and much more, you can truly take a trip down memory lane

Fire Mural

The Platteville Main Street Design Committee commissioned a work of public art in the form of a mural painted on the exterior of a privately-owned building in the Main Street Historic District. This mural is dedicated to the Platteville Fire Department Volunteers who have made keeping the Platteville community safe their top priority since 1874. Created by Darby Shea Kruser.

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