Featured Business

As a part of our social media outreach, we are featuring a business every month.  Each feature spot is on both our front page of the new website and as a cover photo on our Facebook page.  This advertising spot has been suggested to be fee-based to generate revenue for our program, but the board has currently decided to provide this free of charge to the businesses in our district as a first come, first serve basis.

The only requirement of the featured business is to provide a photo & a brief business description that can be used for the Facebook cover photo and website.  Feel free to create your own cover photo.  Just be sure to include your business contact information and the phrase "Featured Business".

Featured Featured Business Business Address
January 2018  Helker Jewelry 80 E. Main Street
February 2018 Netux Solutions, LLC 30 E. Main Street
March 2018 Cuttin' Up 70 W. Main Street
April 2018 Snap Fitness 180 Mcgregor Plaza
May 2018 To be announced  
June 2018 To be announced  
July 2018 To be announced  
August 2018 To be announced  
September 2018 To be announced  
October 2018 To be announced  
November 2018 To be announced  
December 2018 To be announced  

If you are a business in our district, call (608) 348-4505 or email director@plattevillemainstreet.com for information on becoming a Feature Business.


180 Mcgregor Plaza