About Us

Platteville is a vibrant, growing community nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. The Main Street Program was chartered by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce in 1999 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates for the restoration and preservation of the historic character of downtown while pursuing traditional economic development strategies.

Nationally accredited through the National Main Street Center (NMSC), Platteville Main Street Program focuses on the Eight Principles set by the NMSC:

  1. Comprehensive Four-Point Approach
  2. Incremental Process
  3. Quality
  4. Public and Private Partnership
  5. Changing Attitudes
  6. Focus on Existing Assets
  7. Self Help Program
  8. Action Oriented

Join us in keeping our program a success by joining one of our five great committees (meeting schedule) or by visiting our volunteer page for event opportunities.  The four main committee elements that combine to create this well-balanced program are:

  1. Organization – It is essential to build a Main Street framework that is well represented by civic groups, merchants, bankers, citizens, public officials and chambers of commerce. Everyone must work together to renew downtowns. A strong organization provides the stability to build and maintain a long-term effort.
  2. Promotion – Promotions create excitement downtown. Street festivals, parades, retail events and image development campaigns are some of the ways Main Street encourages consumer traffic in the downtown. Promotion involves marketing an enticing image to shoppers, investors and visitors.
  3. Design – This element works on enhancing the physical vitality of the business district and the potential to attract and keep customers, tenants and investors. Rehabilitated buildings, attractive storefronts, properly designed signage, clean and functional streets and sidewalks all help to create an environment where people want to shop and visit.
  4. Economic Restructuring – Analyzing current market forces to develop long-term solutions is the primary focus of this element. Improving the competitiveness of Main Street’s traditional merchants, creatively converting vacant space to new uses, and recruiting new complementary businesses are examples of economic restructuring activities.

A recent addition to our program:

  1. Sustainability – Advancing sustainability principles in Platteville through recycling, reuse, healthy lifestyle, and waste management to keep our city beautiful and clean for future generations.

Main Street is not only an economic asset, but also the community’s crossroad—a place that evokes strong emotions and helps define the city’s identity. Shopping on Main Street directly supports the community, local business owners, and ultimately the future of the city. If you would like to support Platteville Main Street Program financially, please visit our Donation page or secure PayPal site.

Come take advantage of all there is to see and do in downtown Platteville. You can find a full listing of Main Street businesses in our Directory. You can also contact the Platteville Main Street Program to learn more or view our Annual Reports.