Nick's is owned and operated by me, Nick. Myself and my wonderful family and friends are currently in the process of creating things to update the bar a little bit. I'm hoping to be more than just your 2nd street College bar. I've had a chance to meet some of Big Jim's regular crowd and I like them all a lot and hope they all stick around through the changes. I'm also hoping that you crazy college folk want to come party with me. I want this bar to be a place where everyone can feel welcome.
Some of our specials are going to include:
  Friday brewer games we are going to do $1 brats.
  Badger Saturday we are going to have $2 Foot long chilli dogs
  Sunday Packer Game $2 Turkey dressing sandwiches.
Business Category: 
Eateries, Spirits & Specialty Foods
Phone Number: 
(608) 347-0751
74 North Second Street
Monday-Thursday 3pm-2am . Friday 12pm-2am . Saturday, Sunday 10am-2am